Sunday, 9 February 2014

Feathers and Kate MccGwire

Recently I was going through my inspiration folders looking for some cool stuff to work with and found a folder called "Flow". There I rediscovered an amazing London based artist Kate MccGwire and her Feather Craze. He art is amazing and it does inspire me a lot. I assumed that you may get inspired from her creations too and so I decided to share.

From Kate's Interview:
She describes herself as a sculptor, gatherer, hoarder, collector and creator. She is infatuated by feathers, fascinated by the uncanny and the binary concepts of darkness and beauty. Kate MccGwire is a London-based artist who makes works of art that catches and allures the viewer. Inspired by the way the world works she uses old feathers to create new life.
Read her full interview HERE.

Not only she does these crazy installations from feathers that look like water, braids, pinned threads, but she also creates feather sculptures which are carefully preserved in glass domes or cabinets because of how precious, unique and fragile they are. I am honestly suggesting you to visit her website and check all of her artworks year by year. 
For her website CLICK HERE: Kate MccGwire

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely productive week. I hope this feather craze will help you to get inspired for our MCF monthly challenge with the "Magic Owl" theme.

Good luck!