Friday, 31 January 2014

February Competition Inspiration

Hello my sweet honey bunnies and others :)

I would like to announce the theme for February Competition.
We going to be making MAGIC OWLS
Hooooo Hoooooot!

This competition is not a regular one as it going to be awarded with a prize where one lucky participant can win some amazing prizes (some sculpting tools, some bead makers and some other stuff).

Please make sure you are participating and putting all your effort into making that owl. Here I attached an INSPIRATIONAL PINTEREST BOAD  which will help you to get inspired! You can go for figurines, wall artworks or anything else you like as long as it is:
  • 1) Owl related!
  • 2) Colorful!
Yes yes, we are not going to make realistic owls! Let's go crazy and use some techniques, textures and colours and end up with an amazing collection of beautiful artworks!


Wishing you luck,