About Us

Who we are?
We are a large and ever growing community of polymer clay artists, professionals and amateurs, beginners and veterans. Polymer clay is that very main thing that puts us together under one roof and also our desire to share, get inspired and form a very friendly, loving and caring community.
Together we believe we can progress better and faster and rise up our polymer clay industry to a higher standards than it ever been before. 

What we do?
We all have our individual polymer clay businesses or we class polymer clay as a hobby, but here, in our group, in our community we try our best to grow, to succeed, to help others grow and succeed, we inspire the world and of course try to fill out other's lifes with joy and love.

Why is this group different?
This group is very Worldwide and combines together people of many races, nationalities, ages and  backgrounds. In this group you can easily reach to those clay artists who you thought before are so unreachable. Here we teach with no greed, we share our love and passion for clay with those who are just starting and we are trying to make sure that each rising star, each little newbie, like a fresh green sprout is taken care of so that it can grow to a mighty and beautiful tree.
We don't criticise - we teach and encourage. Because we know how hard it is to hear that you are not good enough. We heard it enough ourselves and because we broke through these hard times - we now care about each other more than ever.

Our group goals?
  • Inspire and stay inspired.
  • Share knowledge and always evolve.
  • Be kind to the world and share the beauty of your heart and soul through your creativity.
  • Become friends, not just colleagues.
  • No matter what we do - we do it with love.

Group Admins:

Aniko Kolesnikova
Aniko is a polymer clay artist for more than 4 years. As soon as she discovered polymer clay she dedicated herself to this media and evolved into a world known artist. Her biggest community goals are to inspire and teach beginner polymer clay artists. Aniko truly believes that life is about sharing and she is working hard on making Polymer Clay community a friendly and inspiring place which is full of joy and happiness. She belongs to London Polymer Clay Group and is a founder of My Clay Fantasy Facebook group.

Moto: It doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it with love.

Patty Schneider
Patty started out as a beader and turned to polymer clay in 2008 to fashion her own beads and pendants for her bead work and has been hooked ever since. She has taken classes from Lynne Ann Schwarzenburg, Christi Friesen and Sarah Shriver and belongs to the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild and Rocky Mountain Bead Society. She is the owner of Gypsy Dreamer Designs, (formerly Artease Wearable Art).

Moto: Great art takes time and I am having a great time making mine.

Kimberly Idalski
Kimi is an intermediate artist that fell in love with polymer clay just like most of us - with her first touch. She also discovered that she loves to teach clay design, help other artists fall in love with clay and she loves creating from clay herself. She has been making polymer clay creations over three years and as she says - she just can't stop. Kimberly says: "Creating is theraputic to me as I am disabled and have finally found something that makes me feel better and that I love".She also love to blog, post free tutorials and does many product reviews for clay. She also distributes items that are hard to find in the US and this way she helps people to get exclusive deals for items that were previously only available outside US.

Moto: Create with Heart, Love, Color and Bling.

Thanks for reading,

Aniko Kolesnikova,             Patty Schneider,            Kimberly Idalski