Wednesday, 3 June 2015

AQUA (Inspirations for the Montly Competition Theme)

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting a lot recently on our My Clay Fantasy Blog. I will try to improve and provide at least one post per month for inspirational purposes. 
This month's competition theme is "AQUA" and I decided to create two mood boards for this matter. 
Aqua means water from latin and inspiration for this theme can be as endless and floaty-flexible as water itself. You can go and play with aqua and blues, you can play with water and wave motions, streams and waterfalls, ponds and rivers. You can create crystal like jewellery or use real water themed crystals in your art. I would stay out of ocean creatures or fish though, as then we will end up changing the theme. But if fish is a necessity, then go for it :) I can't restrict an artist too much!

First inspiration mood board is inspired by jewelry in aqua colour and with some or another water elements in it. 
The second mood board is inspired by water motion art. So it's not necessarily that your entries should be blue! It can be any colour really, as long as we can clearly see it's water related. This month we want to see swirls, bubbles, shine, light, motion, dancing water and all that stuff. 
Good luck with your entries and I hope this is inspiring enough!
Google and Pinterest are again our sources of inspiration, but try Deviantart as well. You never know! 

Thank you!