Monday, 3 March 2014

March Competition Theme. "Shabby Chic".

Hello my sweet honey bunnies and other beautiful people!

I am happy to announce that spring is here and everything everywhere is blossoming here in UK. In some countries it is yet so snowy and cold and even here some days are so rainy and windy, but our hearts can't be tricked by weather's bad mood. We all know that spring has started. 

When I suggested to pick a theme for the March Competition, you guys suggested spring, flowers, vintage and old-fashioned things and pastel tones. All this mood brought me to one logical conclusion and one word came to my mind - "Shabby Chic" (two actually).

I checked again if I was right and yes, all of your selected themes can be joined under this style. 
But some of you may ask what is Shabby Chic? Let's see what Wikipedia says about it:

So it seems that for this competition we are allowed to make any sort of items that match the theme. It can be interior elements, a vase, a keyring, jewellery, a box, a journal, a mirror or a picture frame, even a bottle or a dish. Anything that looks and what's most important, feels like Shabby Chic.

Pastel tones, lace, natural linen materials, old-fashioned threads, ribbons, lots of flowers, especially roses, old painted wood effect, patina, butterflies and beautiful tea cups and cupcakes. But not just any butterfly or any ribbon or any flower. I can name some more elements or items that could be used as main key elements, but still that could mislead you if you never heard of this style before. That's why instead of just giving you text explanations, I prepared a collage of pictures that will surely inspire you for this month's competition. Enjoy and if you will still have questions, you know where to find me (Aniko). 

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This month we will also have a goodie prize and it will be given to the most original idea in using polymer clay + Shabby Chic style. Make sure you do your home work and explore all the links given below to come up with an amazing idea worth the prize!

More information:

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