Tuesday, 24 September 2013

XXL Czextruder by Lucy Clay

Recently I was invited to make a review on a wonderful extruder made in Czech Republic by Lucy Clay. I heard a lot of good things about it and I wanted to put my hands on one of those extruders for a long time, so having one in my tool artillery was quite a pleasure.

I went to pick it up to the local post office and when I got the package I couldn't wait to open it.. so I opened it in the car and first I got out the pink circle with extruder's disks. This was the first and the last time I saw it. We did a lot of shopping that day and so I lost the disk in between coming in and out of the car. So embarrassing! I looked everywhere and even cried...still nothing :(

I still got the extruder and so here is what I want to say about it!

Packaging: Great! 9/10
So easy to keep it in, compact, just what an extruder needs. 
Perhaps I would prefer to have it in a plastic tube instead of cardboard, so that if I spoilt my tea on the table, case still wouldn't be damaged. I am so bad with my tea you know :) But I guess this is so easy to improve!

Extruder design: Funky and Modern! 10/10
It comes in 3 lovely colours: Purple, Magenta and Teal. I love all three and I got my hands on pink one.

Technological Factor: 10/10
It is really good! I love that the push head is actually replaceable and it is plastic. So if you need to clean/wash the head only or you want to change the rubber rings, you just take it out and do it. Also the opening mechanism is very easy, you don't have to twist your wrists to make million turns before you extract the core from the extruder's shell. I just wave it as a little flag in a circular motion and it does it all for me. Should be careful though, it may fly away :) But it is so much fun and I like having fun when I clay.

Right. Now I will need to do a review on the disks I lost. I asked Kimberly Idalski to assist me here and she sent me all 3 available disk pictures :)

Yellow disk:
Yellow disk contains mostly geometrical figures and is pretty simple, yet effects you can get by combining these elements together in, let's say a cane, could be fantastic. 

Blue disk:
This disk contains quite a few curvy shapes that remind me of little animal nose, curved smileys and 1/4 circles. 

Pink disk:
I would say that pink disk is a mixture of both yellow and blue. It has more flat geometrical forms in it. 

I guess all three disks in combination with the extruder itself would make a perfect, fun and colourful collection of extruder disks and could be used to make a lot of fun stuff.  And even if I am not a "Cane Person", I still had a lot of fun playing with this extruder.

Thank you very much for reading my review and thank you Lucy for sending me this wonderful product. I highly recommend it for everyone in our community if you are in a need of a new extruder. A must have!

Aniko xxx