Group Rules

 MESSAGE FROM ADMINISTRATORS                                                                   
Updated on 07.04.2014 by Aniko Kolesnikova 

We all gathered here to help, respect and inspire each other and we feel very responsible for everything that happens here as the admins of this group. Love and friendship should be the main wind that will lead us in the correct direction. No offensive behavior will be tolerated. Remember, LOVE!

This group has strict rules, which will provide an amazing experience and be a pleasant, neat and organized place to stay in. Rules must be followed with no exceptions. Incorrect or forbidden posts will be deleted without notice and if you want to post it again – please refer to this page to find out what went wrong.
We worked on instructions hard to make sure they are clear and easy to follow. Thank you.

Group Admins:
Aniko Kolesnikova,             Patty Schneider,            Kimberly Idalski

Updated on 09.02.2014 by Aniko Kolesnikova 

In My Clay Fantasy Facebook group (MCF) you have a couple of options.
1) Upload a picture + write a description + add a link to your website of FB page (optional)
2) Share a picture from your Facebook profile to the group
3) Upload a picture into our organised albums.

Keep links short. Use to make your links shorter. 


  • Pictures of your art
  • Pictures of new tools & materials (for sale and just to announce). Sales link is allowed.
  • New Tutorials ( paid and free). Sales link is allowed
  • Creative inspiration
  • Questions about clay
  • Pictures of Work in Progress (WIP)


  • links to any sales websites like EBAY or ETSY, not even your own website's sales page. We are not here to sell our creations and besides, people will write to you privately if they are interested. 

We have a  1 warning rule. If you post incorrectly your post will be deleted and you will get a personal warning with helpful explanation just in case if you did not understand the rules. If you post something incorrectly again you will be deleted from the group.

You don't need to post a link back to your Facebook profile because people can just click on your name anyway. 

Best way to promote your page is to write your page name with a @ symbol in front of it. This will turn it into a link and you won't need to post long links to your post.

 HOW TO UPLOAD TO ALBUMS [text version]:

Upload your picture to already provided albums.
Go to Photos -> Select an album –> Press Add Photo and choose pictures to upload from your computer.
If you need extra album with new theme – let the admin know. Any unapproved albums will be deleted.


  • If you upload to the album – people can find your picture any time. It will always be there!
  • If you just post on the group wall – it will be noticed but will disappear later on by being pushed to the very bottom and there is a slight chance to bring it back to the top unless you do it yourself.

Acceptable links:
Your FB page/profile:
You website address:
Your blog address: 

Hint: Use to make your links shorter. 


Sometimes you will want to announce something amazing or ask a question.
If it will benefit the group – posts like this are welcome. 


It would be wonderful if when newbies are asking questions - they are answered. This way by expressing our oppinions we will be able to build our own unique library of tips and trics, material and supply reviews and so on. Best answers will be sellected and organised as a blog post on our blog. After that it will go to the library and never get lost again! 

We do not need to gather personal contacts of any sort since it is unnecessary. 

Alternatively keep me (Aniko Kolesnikova) informed about any useful link you would like to share with community and I will make sure to add it to the lists in a pretty organized format.


We all want to make this group “The One” for all of us, so if you have some suggestions on how we could make it better – we would like to hear about it and we can ask our community about it in a poll or other type of survey. 


Please do not hesitate to contact the admins (Aniko Kolesnikova) if you have any issues with our group or if you spotted something I missed out. We are so many and to keep it organized – we need to work towards it together.

Please keep any negative comments out of this group. Any negative comments found will be deleted and eventually this member will be banned for inappropriate behavior. If you have a problem with any pictures, comments, links – please do not post these publically but send a personal message to the admins (Aniko Kolesnikova, Kimberly Idalski, Patty Schneider) and we will deal with it accordingly.