Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

We have passed the 2013 number and it wasn't easy for me at all and I am sure some of you struggled through this year a bit or a lot too.. But it doesn't matter! 
"New year - new me!" 
This is what I always say to myself every year. I always imagine these two days (31st-1st) as a time machine, star gate, changing period, the whirlpool into a different reality. Things from 2013 must be dealt with, house needs to be clean, resolutions ready, all bad memories left behind...

I know that we can not even imagine what is waiting for us ahead in 2014. Are we going to be all right? No one knows. But we should definitely try and stay positive and creative. Positivity and creativity are like the shield and the sword that protects us in overcoming life circumstances, dealing with problems and becoming a better person.

So let's learn two self defence moves:
1) Block/smile to negativity.
2) Strike back with creativity.

2014 is a year of a blue horse and is supposed to bring luck and strenght into our goals, our achievements and our aims. So let us jump on this horse and ride it to the "El Destinazione Felicit√†"! (Destination Happiness).

If we would put all these things through my crazy anime - orientated imagination we would look approximately like this (lol):

To celebrate in style and stay creative no matter what,  I am offering you to check out this amazing clay artist. He really does crazy stuff with clay! And he even made a blue horse! 
by Hontor from Deviantart.com

Wishing you strength, luck, success, family warmth, love, health and happiness.
Thank you for being my faithful honey bunnies (and others)!

Always yours,