Friday, 20 December 2013

Fixing Photos in 25 seconds

Hello my sweet honey bunnies!

Today I was browsing through the posts in MCF and I discovered that lots of our great creations are suffering from badly taken or unedited pictures. Now, I know what you will say.. "I don't own a fancy camera" or "There is not enough light in my room" or even "Oh Aniko, not that crap again..."

But please, hear me out!

I agree that most of us are just clay lovers and we don't really want to worry about how we take our pictures as we just want to share our journey with others from time to time. But if we are sharing our art with others we are expecting them to like it, to say some nice words about it and of course we would be upset if our picture is not even noticed, ignored or criticised. 

I was exploring this subject for quite a while and I noticed that whenever I am going through the daily Facebook posts, I usually see that the pictures with a better quality, brightness, better composition do always catch my eye and have more comments and likes than the gloomy, dark or overexposed ones. Automatically our eye only get's caught on something that is beautiful. There is so much information in social media and so little time that we just can't afford to concentrate on everything and anything. This is why we just quickly scroll down and look for some nice, pretty, yummy stuff. We don't go to Facebook to make ourselves feel unpleasant, right? Especially in artistic groups. We come here to pleasure our eyes and our minds, to get inspired and to inspire others. 
And now a question:

Would you understand what a rainbow is if your teacher would show you a black and white picture of it? 
It is absolutely the same with photos of your works. We can't be there to touch it, to twist and turn it, and picture is the only connection with your artwork. So if the picture is weak, connection is weak, too.

I am not asking much from you as I know you haven't got all the time in the World, but perhaps hear this:
"It took me 25 seconds to change each of these pictures to the ones you see on the left. No photoshop or any other program installation needed. It is absolutely free and it's here for you to use it!"

Earthy and warm jewelry by Carla Benedetti
Lovely Winter Doll by Judy Pollard
Tender and beautiful flowers By Danny L Crafts
This is something I was already blogging a while ago on my own blog and today I decided to refresh it in our minds again as now I can address it to a bigger auditory and potentially improve your photo editing skills in seconds. You will say thank you, I promise.

So all you have to do is CLICK HERE and try it out.

I created a short Youtube video Tutorial on how to use Photoshop Express Editor Online and a very basic photography improvement video.

If you like, click on it, watch and learn. If not, just go to the actual website and start editing away.
Good luck with your photos and I hope that our group's photos will improve very soon.

Lot's of love, 
Aniko xxx

P.S. All photos are used for example purposes only. Sorry if someone got offended. I meant no harm. I love you guys! Your work is fantastic!