Friday, 11 March 2016

Explore the shapes of spring!

Hello everyone!
It's been 10 days since spring had started. I was thinking what task can be given for the first few month of spring to not overwork you guys, but I still very much want to burst your creative juices and encourage you to explore and absorb all the beauty. Therefore I decided to give you a task of observing. When going out, check out the new flowers that are coming out, see the little birdies collecting the branches for their nests and perhaps, if you will have time, come and share with us your observations. I am hoping that this will spark interest and inspiration for the new season creations. Lets see what stories you can come up with. 
The rule is simple: Observe, come back to My Clay Fantasy FB group's Pinned post (very first one at the top) and comment bellow with your interesting observations, perhaps some quick phone taken pictures of cool shapes or creatures you found, lovely colours you saw.

Let's meet spring, let's breath spring, let's talk spring!

Here is a little inspirational collage I made for you! 
Good luck!