Saturday, 4 October 2014

October Theme: "Autumn in Japan"

Hello my dear friends and newest group members!

Autumn is here and finally I can see it on the streets, in the gardens and I can smell it in the air. Time had come to create something beautiful and as we already had the Autumn theme last year, I decided ( and you voted!) for this year's autumn to be in Japan. So this month's competition theme is:


I am very excited to make something autumn related and Japanese autumn is an example of extraordinary colours, beautiful gardens, amazing Geisha's dressed in autumn coloured kimonos, red bridges, terracotta pained architectural objects everywhere, beautiful Japanese pebble gardens with Koi fish and red, orange and yellow acer leaves, leaves everywhere!
Here is a little collage I made for you to get more inspiration and some useful links where you can explore Autumn in Japan and get creative!

Please enjoy and I hope to see a lot of amazing colourful artworks by the end of this October.


Thank you,