Monday, 30 June 2014


Hello my sweet honey bunnies!
I am happy to announce our July competition theme which is:
"Ocean. The waves and the depths"
This may sound quite weird, maybe a bit confusing but this is why I am writing this post. I want to make sure everyone knows what they gonna make :)

Ocean is a beautiful place. If there is one thing on this planet I would like to live, that would be next to the ocean, or the sea at least. It calls me with it's magic, it tempts me with it's cool waters and beautiful creatures that so harmonically live in it. They say that humans know much more about our planet and about space than they know about the ocean. This gives me the right to say, that if something haven't been yet discovered in the depths of the ocean - it can exist!
So grab your polymer clay and show the world what sort of creatures can be yet discovered down below the surface of the deep blue ocean water. 
Your choices can be different and this is why this theme is so cool!

You can play with ocean scenes by itself and have a bursts and rainbows of sunshine and colour. You can go El Naturel ( Lol) and make realistic scenes... or you can go all patchy and garlicky and make a cool artwork.
Or you can go and imagine unseen and undiscovered creatures of the ocean that are hidden in the depths. Then can be mechanical, organic, scary or pretty, they can glow in the dark, too (hint!).
Or maybe you are more classy or not ready yet to do complicated things, then go with something familiar - like FISH.. but make it interesting! Use different styles, explore Google and Pinterest for amazing fish artworks and techniques and clay away!
But... if you feel like clay fish is not something breathtaking, then play with forms and shapes of the ocean waves, corals and organic elements and make an abstract ocean themed sculptural objects.
In any way - please enjoy yourself and be ready by 25th of JULY with your entries entered into one of three competition folders!


As always (just to remind the newbies!) we are going to have a voting and a main prize to a winner so it's worth a shot! You can win cool #Claybag full of goodies, clays, tools, materials and stuff worth approx $25.

Also a little reminder to the older group members! I think it is that time of the year when we need to scrape on the bottom of our electronically purses and find a little coin for donations :) We are running out of resources pretty quickly :) You can donate on the right side of this blog where you see a turquoise blue heart :) 
Thank you for those who donated last time. This money made us last for 3 months! Great!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you will be able to participate this month!