Thursday, 22 August 2013


Welcome my dear friends and those who don't mind being called Honey Bunnies!

Now we have a blog, now we have one place for all, now we have a home!

I am very glad to announce that our beautiful growing community had reached a new level and expanded into something more than just a Facebook Group! Now we have our own Blog/Website where you will see many wonderful and useful things very soon. 

From official point of view this place will become a place for everyone to come back for information, for public announcements, competition results and to refresh their knowledge of the group rules, organise things and so on.
From the fun point of view it's a place to play, get inspired and inspire, achieve goals, do swaps and tell your creative successful and not so successful stories. In Facebook groups things just get pushed down and forgotten, but here you will be always able to search for the right article, for tutorial or suggestions and even participate in "Sweet Tweet" forum's polymer clay discussions.  These discussions will be organised in a bunch of useful info in our library of tips and tricks. So it's you and me who will be building this library together and each and every person can participate. 

So don't worry if you think that this place is quite empty for now because it's not. It is just fresh and new and it can't wait to be filled with lots of happiness, fun and knowledge.

Biggest goal of this group is to make sure everyone is following it (subscribed) so that the count of all polymer clay artists continues and the question is finally asked (at least approximately):

"How many polymer clay artists exist on our Planet?"

So are you in? Don't forget to Follow Now on the top right side bar and let the count begin!


  1. Congrats and excited about the new blog. Will be a happy clay place for all.