Monday, 26 August 2013

Mould it!

Hello everyone! 

It's a late night but I can't stop being happy about our blog and about how helpful people are in our community. This post will be dedicated to moulds as our lovely Jean Daniels had kindly shared some lovely tips and techniques with us in our blog galleries. So let's start talking about moulds and share our knowledge (in comment section) about moulding, moulding materials, cheeper options and amazing examples. 

Jean says:
"When shopping in a craft store, I occasionally go into the cake department. I bought a rolling pin once with a swirl designs which works perfectly for texturing polymer clay. This time I bought a flexible mold meant for making fondants for cakes. It has two long designs on the right side, flowers, leaves and swirls. The swirls I used to make a frame."

Thank you very much Jean fro your great help and as for others - please participate in comment disscussion and share your wonderful tips about moulding tips and tricks!

Thank you xxx