Thursday, 22 August 2013

Magic with Mica Powder

Mica Powder is a wonderful material that almost does magic and each artist should have at least a couple in their collection because just a little sprinkle of it can take your creation from Zero to Hero. Mica Powders come in all sorts and colors and are available from different brands like Perfect Pearls, Pearlex, Metal FX, Primary Elements and many more. You can even buy handmade Mica powders ( Mica Eye shadows) on ETSY made by a particular person from natural elements.
So as you understand the choice is big. All these powders are easily available in local craft stores or your favourite online craft shops but the problem sometimes is that they can be quite pricy, especially if you are like me and can't stop by buying only 1, only 5 or only 10... Because they are never enough! They are so beautiful! So what should you do if you have an empty pocket and a broken heart that is longing for magic, pearls and golds and you want to feel like a polymer clay fairy and spread some fairy dust all over the place? Let's see what Megi Migi suggests:

"You know that if you do not have the mica powder, you can also use eye shadows!"

Really, so easy? It may not be as perfect result and it all depends on your make up quality, but I guess if you are desperate here and now to create something shimmery - this will definitely do! Thanks Megi xxx.

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